The Therapeutic Center of Chania is the oldest medical care unit in Chania area.


The clinic was founded by the ophthalmologist Dr. Dimitrios Melissas and used to operate as an Eye Medical-Surgical Clinic from 1932 to 1954.


From 1954 until 1992 was operated by the E.N.T. Dr. John Theodorakis as a Clinic with Surgical, ENT, Orthopedic and Obstetrics Departments under the name “Agios Nektarios” Saint Nektarios. During that period, two extra floors were built with renovated patient rooms and new operating rooms.


In 1992, the clinic was purchased by the Obstetrician Gynecologist Dr. Manousos Kapakis who had made a radical renovation in the patient rooms and operating rooms. Since then, it is operated as a general clinic with all the Medical and Surgical Departments under the name “Therapeutic Center of Chania”.


In 2012, a new renovation was taken place and the clinic was staffed and managed by the children of Doctor Kapakis. The new medical family staff is: Dr. Maria Kapakis-Internist, Dr. Christina Kapakis – Laboratory Medicine and Dr. Kostas Garefalakis – Cardiologist.


The most recent and thorough renovations of the facilities took place this year, in 2018, including public areas rooms, bathrooms. New services such as satellite TV and WI-FI were also added.