Scheduled Medical Tests

At the Therapeutic Center of Chania , you can schedule your appointment and perform the examinations (Diagnostic, Imaging and Medical) you wish. Detailed information is provided on 28210-52688

  • Int. 400: for Microbiological / Biochemical / Haematological / Hormonal Examinations
  • Int. 401: for Imaging Examinations
  • Int. 150: for medical examinations


In the event of an emergency, you may arrive without appointment at the Outpatient / Emergency Department, which operate 24 hours per day, located on the ground floor (Tel: 28210-56326) and if it is deemed necessary you will have clinical and / or laboratory exams.

Preoperative check-up

Before your scheduled surgical procedure, your attending physician will advise for alla the preoperative check-up you will need to undergo. All your medical tests will be collected and they will be available on the day of your admission.

Test Results

Test results may be picked up from the Department Reception, along with a medical report on your physical condition and any specific instructions if required.

Insurance Cover

The Therapeutic Center of Chania is affiliated with the National Organization for Healthcare (EOPYY), for microbiology, biochemistry, hematology and endocrinilogy exams.